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Friday 19th May: Modern Day

These tickets are predicted to sell fast just as the previous event did, be sure to grab them whilst you can... On the 19th May, Art Club Bristol will be home to a large eclectic group of international artists. Spanning from Sweden to the USA, the underground is coming together for this night to celebrate and showcase its diverse sound. Scandinavian rappers Swoopy and D1v ('boys nights out' members) as well as up-and-coming producer collective Student27 (consisting of Methboiswag, Roxa, and Silver) will be sure to bring a unique collection of noise! Continually, Gweiloghost and DJ Hurtlocker (stalkerplugg) are bringing the mystery with their blend of dark trap and heavy bass - paired with a cryptic aesthetic; this isnt one to miss.... ALSO: featuring first ever live performances from : pradaaslife (scrap club) and kojo (spazzteam)

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